Zaha Hadid's Miami Beach Condo Is For Sale For $10 Million — House of the Day

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Starchitect Zaha Hadid was a tour de force of contemporary architecture and design, creating everything from iconic buildings to vases and tableware—even a sneaker. Now, her Miami Beach condo is on the market, and some of her one of a kind furniture is up for grabs as well.


An Incredible, One-of-a-Kind Expanding Tiny House — House Tour

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Name: Chloe Barcelou, Brandon Batchelder and Cosmos (AKA Mr. Nose) the free-roaming rabbit
Location: New Hampshire, USA
Years Lived In: 1 year, owned

This tiny house doesn’t seem real. Inspired by steamer trunks, caravans and vintage train cars, it took creative couple Chloe Barcelou and Brandon Batchelder two years to build by hand and from scratch. For only $20,000! Even more amazing, this home on wheels expands. As Chloe and Brandon — who run the film, theater and photography set design company B&C Productions — explain, this tiny house isn’t always teeny tiny: “When it’s traveling, we fold in the office wings and collapse the loft. In this mode, the house is: 8 ½ feet wide, 12 ½ feet tall and 18 feet deep. When it’s fully opened, it’s about 15 feet wide, 15 ½ feet tall and, still, 18 feet deep.”


Before & After: Little Miss Muffet Reupholstered, Like, a Million Tuffets

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This once grande dame of a sofa had good bones, she just needed a little refresh. In swoops Ashley’s mom, Janie, newly(ish) minted upholsterer and true tuffet champion. After three weeks and, like, a million buttons, this beauty was ready for her second act.


How Activists Are Using This Humble Bathroom Staple To Save Cyclists' Lives

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(Image credit: Hayley Kessner)

In an effort to encourage city officials to prioritize safe cycling conditions, bicycling advocates in Omaha recently took matters into their own hands by installing a DIY bike lane made out of toilet plungers in a local intersection.


A Creative Couple Renovates Another Small London Flat — House Tour

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Name: Josie and Jules
Location: South East London — UK
Size: 677 square feet
Years lived in: Owned 1 year

Seeing this home’s style might give you déjà vu. Josie and Jules first showed off their small space maximizing skills when we toured an Edwardian flat in South East London they remodeled in 2015. It was a top-to-bottom renovation — the layout was reconfigured, and light and function were added to a dated space. One year later and this enterprising couple is looking back at another successful renovation project…but this time in another house in the same row of terraced houses! Their new house is just few doors down the street…you can see the old house from the front window.


Calling All Cat Ladies (& Gents): This Vet Clinic Is Hiring a Kitten Cuddler

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Feline fans, have we got news for you. There’s a cat shelter in Dublin that’s hiring for the best job we can think of: kitten cuddler. If you’re qualified, you better apply right meow.


An Airy East Village Living Room That is Bright and Baby Friendly — Professional Project

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Project by: Samantha Gore of Samantha Gore Interiors + Design
Location: East Village —New York, New York

Samantha Gore was tasked with adding some flair to her client’s living room, keeping in mind the demands of the family’s newest addition. Baby-friendly and bright, the living room shows off the family’s considerable art collection without a stuffy gallery feel. Textures mix with sunlight to create a welcoming and open space.


Looking for Love? Here are the Best Cities for Singles to Rent In

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There are tons of reasons you might choose to move to another city—maybe you just got a new job offer, maybe you want to be closer to family, maybe you’ve visited before and feel more at home there, or maybe you just need a totally new change of pace. But what about love? Sure, you might move if you’re already in a relationship and your partner lives far away or has to move for one reason or another, but what about looking for romance in the first place?


Home Depot's Memorial Day Sale: Our Picks For Best Deals

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(Image credit: Home Depot)

Memorial Day weekend has finally arrived and it’s time to celebrate the unofficial start to summer! Take a break from the celebration with your family and friends and stop by your local Home Depot. They’ve outdone themselves with this year’s Memorial Day weekend sale, offering hundreds of trendy home decor items to freshen up your space, furniture and grills to spruce up your patio and more! We’ve pored over all of the products to share with you some of our favorite deals.


6 Ikea L shaped desks to boost productivity

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If you’re always thinking of ways to up your productivity, you’ll want to rethink your most basic productivity hub – your desk – every once in a while. Your desk configuration may have worked but as time goes by, your requirements and style may change. And the desk that once serve you so well may need an upgrade.

I’ve worked with a single desk for the longest time but am now seriously considering an L shaped desk. Reason being, I’ve recently (I know, late to the party) discovered the joys of a second monitor. With a laptop and a monitor, my desk space is getting tight. The additional desk space will let me spread out all my notes and jottings and keep my main desk area solely for the machines. The goal: division of space for greater focus.

Fortunately, an L shaped desk isn’t hard to find or hack. Here are 6 ways to fit one into your home office space, whether big or small.

Get it straight, erm .. “L” from IKEA



Pop it up from the box – the IKEA BEKANT L shaped desk. It’s compact, with a price tag of $249.00.  It comes in a sit/stand version too.


Via Instagram

Place two BESTÅ BURS desks at an angle, like what SassAndSpice did and voilà, instant expansion.

Hack a super long L shaped desk

#3 LINNMON desk hack


The LINNMON table tops are a good starting point when you want to piece together a long, sprawling desk. Join as many table tops together to get the formation you need. What’s neat is there isn’t an obtrusive leg at the right angle joint. Tutorial for the hack.


The glossy LINNMON tables are stunning, when paired with gold accents, as Leah of Go4ProPhotos proves in her home office makeover.

Add on additional storage

#4 KALLAX shelving unit


Here’s another take on the LINNMON desk. This is paired with the KALLAX instead to create extra storage space on the short side of the desk. If you have lots of stuff, this will work beautifully.

Use kitchen countertops to do the work

#5 HAMMARP countertop


Butcher blocks are perfect as desk tops. They are solid, durable and look fantastic. Cut them to the fit length and assemble. Best thing? Waterfall joints.

#6 ALEX units


Kitchen countertops can be combined with IKEA drawer units like the HELMER or ALEX as desk legs with storage.

Feel inspired to makeover your home office or attempt an IKEA desk hack? Tell us all about it.

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