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How to make an office/ school organizer from an INDOR remote control pocket


  • INDOR remote control pocket
  • acrylic paint in white and black
  • black ribbon
  • glue
  • mini clothespins

I had this old INDOR but it was not being used and I wanted to repurpose it. I thought to put it in my teen girls room which has a bookcase full of black and white magazine files. Because I wanted it to match, I decided to paint it in white, with black accents.

INDOR remote control pockets

1. I painted this INDOR remote control pocket with white acrylic paint.

2. I painted black dots and stripes on it to give it a certain look.

Decorate the pockets

3. I glued a black ribbon at various places along the length of the pocket.

Add ribbons and clothes pegs for the school organizer

4. Finally, I added mini clothespins to be able to attach different things to the organizer.

It matches perfectly with the bookcase and the magazine files and is much more useful than in its previous life as a remote control pocket. Now she can keep all her supplies organized and it looks great in her room.

See complete tutorial here.

~ by Mary Kalpos blogger at The Boondocks Blog

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West Elm Is Opening Its Own Hotel Chain

One of our favorite home retailers West Elm is expanding into the world of hospitality and we are already ready to book our first stay. In 2018, West Elm Hotels is planning to open five locations around the country in cities including Charlotte, Indianapolis, Detroit, Savannah, and Nashville. Drawing from their modern aesthetic, every hotel will fill its historic buildings with bespoke pieces that makes each space entirely its own. It also will offer co-working spaces and allow guests to completely connect with the hotel staff via a West Elm app.

West Elm Is Opening Its Own Hotel Chain

Not only will visitors get to sleep in style, but every location plans to draw from the unique design influences from each city. With artwork by local artists to regional cuisine and décor, the hotels hope to celebrate the community as well as welcome its guests with communal spaces and insider recommendations to regional treasures. And unlike most gift shops, visitors can actually purchase pieces of furniture and art. We can only hope that West Elm Hotels expands its chain quickly so we can check out its design take on our own neighborhoods.

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(Image credit: Carney Logan Burke via Dezeen)

Here’s a home for the outdoorsy type: a modern home in Jackson, Wyoming comes complete with an external rock climbing wall.

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Name: Kevin & Emma
Location: Volker — Kansas City, Missouri

We are Kevin Barrett Kane and Emma Christine Hall, otherwise known as The Frontispiece. We own and operate an independent book design agency from our apartment in beautiful Kansas City, Missouri. Naturally, we collect typewriters, cameras, red tea kettles, prints and artwork, vinyl, and books…lots and lots of books.

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My name is Anders. I am a IKEA IT Technician from Sweden that really like drums and drumming. I needed a nice way to display my drum sticks. is a great inspiration but I did not find anything that suited me. Then I thought, why not hack something? Here is what I came up with.

Drum sticks display with STAJLIG, BESTÅ and DIODER

This is what I used:

1 STAJLIG Multifunction hanger, white in/outdoor. Article Number: 103.170.70
1 STAJLIG Hanger, in/outdoor, white 5 pack. Article Number: 002.914.19
1 BESTÅ Frame, white. Article Number: 002.459.17
1 BESTÅ Suspension rail, silver-colour. Article Number: 302.848.46
1 DIODER LED 4-piece lighting strip set, white. Article Number: 001.194.19
Some drills, a screwdriver, a knife, a clamp, a small bolt cutters and a

1. First I mounted the BESTÅ frame. The frame has brackets for legs but I chose to turn that side up and not use the legs.

2. To make the holder I cut the STAJLIG Multifunction hanger at the top with the small bolt cutters so I got a long piece to use to bend it.

Cut the hanger

3. Before bending the holder I heated it up a little with the heater. Not too much. I could still hold it with my hands. If I did not heat it up the paint would crack when I bend it.

Heat up the wire

4. To bend the holder I fastened it with a clamp and then bent it by hand.
Bending the wire by hand

5. After bending to right shape I cut it to right length.

Cut to right length

6. To stop the sticks from gliding I made a bracket from a STAJLIG Hanger.

Make a bracket from the hanger

7. The holder and bracket was fasten by drilling holes in the bottom and back of the BESTÅ frame. I used a tape on the drill so I shouldn’t drill too deep.


8. The final touch was to mount the DIODER LED lights. BESTÅ frame has a predrilled hole for adjusting the legs. I used that for the wire to one light bar and drilled one more for the other.

Wire holders in the BESTA frame

I cut the cover nobs for the leg brackets with a knife so the wire would fit.

Wiring the DIODER

After mounting the BESTÅ frame to the wall using BESTÅ Suspension rail I am really happy with the result.

Drum sticks display hacked from STAJLIG, BESTÅ and DIODER


~ by Anders Berglund, Sweden

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A vicarage in England has traditionally been the residence of the vicar or parish priest. They’ve since become home to lay people and many interior designers. Since they are much smaller than a typical English manor home, they lend themselves to a more relaxed and comfortable style.

While I was on the House & Garden UK site recently, I came across the Hampshire Vicarage of designer Max Rollitt and his family. Since he began his career as an antiques dealer and restorer, it’s obviously filled with a beautiful collection of art and antiques.

Max’s website describes his style as incorporating “both academic knowledge and a creative understanding of the aesthetics of time into the classically refined yet informal style that has become his trademark.” Sounds and looks good to me.
max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-002 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-003 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-004 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-005 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-006 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-007 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-008 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-009 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-010 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-011 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-012 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-013 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-014 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-015 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-016 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-017 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-018 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-019 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-020 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-021 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-022 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-023 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-024 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-025 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-026 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-027 max-rollitt-hampshire-vicarage-uk-habituallychic-028

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When Maxine of We Love Home moved into her home she inherited a less than ideal kitchen. Not only was it pretty blah aesthetics wise, it was basically falling apart. Not one to be deterred, she saw this as a golden opportunity to design her dream kitchen.

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